Reporting Improper Activity

Reporting Improper Activity (Whistle-blowing)

Improper activity by Serenia Life Financial or a Serenia Life Financial employee or advisor that violates any applicable law or regulation (e.g., corruption, malfeasance, bribery, theft, or misuse of Serenia Life Financial property, fraud, coercion, or conversion), or involves gross misconduct, gross incompetence, or gross inefficiency should be reported.

Retaliation against individuals for reporting such activity is not condoned by Serenia Life Financial and should be reported to Serenia Life Financial’s Corporate Secretary, and/or Chair of the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee*.

The reporting of improper activity process should include:

  1. an oral or written report
  2. as much specific and factual information as possible
  3. what is known (but don’t investigate – leave that to the experts)

Reporting may be done anonymously, if preferred. Confidentiality will be maintained, to the extent possible.

*Reports may be made to the Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee who is a member of the Governing Board of Directors. Please reach out to Member Services toll-free at 1-800-563-6237 to obtain contact information for the Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee.