Claims Information

Serenia Life Financial commits to providing the best possible service to you when you make a claim for one of our policies. Whether you are a beneficiary, advisor  or executor seeking to make this claim on a client’s behalf, the following steps explain our process for handling claim requests.

Step 1 – Notify us of Your Claim

Please send the required information as noted in our claims package. The claims package will outline how you may return the required documentation. Our Claims Administrator will review this information to confirm we have received all required documents and to determine whether you qualify for the claim. We will follow up with you in the event outstanding documentation is required.

Sending the Requested Information:

Claims Department
Serenia Life Financial
300-470 Weber Street North
Waterloo ON N2L 6J2

Fax: 519-886-0350
Tollfree fax: 1-888-965-1088

Step 2 – Sending the Requested Information

Once all requirements have been met, our Claims Administrator will approve your claim and authorize payment. A letter will be sent providing confirmation of payment. Note that if not all requirements have been met, your claim may be denied. In that case, Serenia Life Financial will notify you via registered mail.

Saskatchewan residents: You may also choose to contact the Superintendent of Insurance at any time during the claims process:

Superintendent of Insurance

Insurance and Real Estate Division
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
Suite 601, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H2

Phone: (306) 787-6700
Fax: (306) 787-9006

Step 3 – Claim Decision & Notification

Contact us to let us know about your claim. This may be done via telephone, email, fax, or regular mail to our Head Office. Once notified, we will send a claim package that provides information regarding  your claim, the named beneficiary, the amount of the proceeds with options for the beneficiary, and a list of requirements needed to process the claim.

Certain information, such as the insurance amount, can only be provided by us to the beneficiary or executor. If you are assisting the beneficiary through the claims process and contact us on their behalf, we will provide the claim package, excluding any privileged information, to you.

Notifying us of your claim:

Claims Department
Serenia Life Financial
300-470 Weber Street North
Waterloo ON N2L 6J2

Telephone: 519-886-4617 Ext. 403
Toll-Free: 1-800-563-6237
Fax: 519-886-0350