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September 7, 2022

Kathleen O’Hagan, Digital Content Strategist & Writer

A new neighbour invited my 6-year-old over to play with her two kids. I was excited for him since he loves to make friends in our area. But soon I got a text that my little guy was stubbornly refusing to play anything the others kids were suggesting, so I headed over to bring him back home. Her two kids seemed really disappointed, and I was feeling really bad and a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. Thirty minutes later, the neighbour called me out of the blue to say she had meant to send me home with some of the homemade food she was cooking, and invited me back to grab some. I was shocked! I assumed she was calling to discuss what had happened with my son, but instead, she sent me home with some delicious food, wrapped in kindness. 🙂

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