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October 11, 2022

Michelle Bryant, Chief People Officer

My daughter and I were driving in our local town, and arrived at an intersection that is notoriously dangerous (many have run a red light and many accidents have happened over the years). Shockingly, a little girl around the age of 6 was crossing the street by herself… diagonally through the intersection! It was a cold December afternoon, so she had a big hood over her head and couldn’t see that well. The light had just changed so all cars were stopped. When the light turned green, my daughter didn’t move and instead laid on the car horn to warn all other drivers that there was a problem. Thankfully, everyone stayed put and the little girl crossed the road with no further incident. We followed her to ensure her safety in light of her being so young and alone. She proceeded to go to the local arena where she attended a reading class for immigrants. We let the instructors know what happened, and they were thankful the girl was okay. We were very relieved that all ended well, and that we had shared a collective moment of kindness with other drivers to keep that little girl safe.

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