Serenia Life’s Bereavement Counselling Benefit


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. What better time to talk about much-needed access to mental health support after a loved one dies?

Introducing the Bereavement Counselling Benefit

While we often highlight the financial benefits of purchasing life insurance, it’s important to consider how the right plan can help family members on an emotional level too. In addition to connecting beneficiaries with an inheritance that can cover mortgage payments, act as a second income, help pay off future expenses (and more), some life insurance providers also offer complimentary access to counselling for grieving family members navigating this very difficult time.

Mother and her teenager daughter talking with therapist.

So what is the Bereavement Counselling Benefit?

The Bereavement Counselling Benefit* is a reimbursement of up to $1,000 when accessing mental health support from a professionally accredited or certified counsellor. This benefit comes with a Serenia Life life insurance policy – at no extra cost to members.

Who is it for?

For family members in mourning. Unlike most of our benefits, this one isn’t for members – instead, it’s for the beneficiaries listed on a member’s life insurance policy. It’s important to note that the total amount is $1,000 regardless of the number of beneficiaries seeking help.

Where can family members access this benefit?

They can access this benefit by reaching out to Serenia Life’s Claims Department via phone or email.

When can family members make use of it?

It’s always best to seek out help sooner rather than later. That’s why we ask that receipts be submitted within 12 months of the date of a loved one’s death.

Why are we offering this benefit?

Because the death of a loved one can be one of the most stressful and traumatic events in a person’s life – and we are more than happy to provide support to our members’ families. And while grieving the loss of someone we love is unavoidable, accessing the necessary mental health support is a really good way to initiate the journey towards healing – without worrying about the cost along the way.

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*Serenia Life Financial’s member benefits and programs are not contractual. They are subject to change and maximum funding limits.