Bet You Didn’t Know THIS Was Counted Towards Your Community Hours


Why volunteer – other than the fact you need to complete mandatory community service hours in high school?

Because giving to others is the gift that gives back. That’s right, by helping others, you can grow as a person and feel like an integral part of your community. Plus, volunteering adds some great experience to your resume and is an opportunity to have some plain old-fashioned fun!

11 good deeds you can put towards your community service hours

At Serenia Life Financial, we reward community-minded members by providing a one-time $1,000 scholarship towards their education. To qualify for this one-time scholarship, you must be enrolled in any year of a full-time university or college program at an accredited institution in or outside of Canada. (Note that certificate programs are not eligible for this scholarship.)

Of course, volunteer work is a must to even be considered! How much, you ask? A minimum of 40 hours between high school and the scholarship application date, to be exact. Read on for 11 great ideas…

1. Organize an Action Team

Apply for $150 in seed funding to get a fundraising event off the ground. Then, when you’re all done, we’ll donate another $100 to the registered charity you’re supporting.

How you benefit: It’s the perfect excuse to hang out with friends (or a great team-building exercise at work) while doing something good for your community. Not to mention, the seed funding means you won’t have to pay out of pocket to run a successful fundraiser.

2. Clean up a conservation area with your crew

Bet You Didn't Know THIS Was Counted Towards Your Community Hours

Work together with neighbours to rid a protected area of litter. You can even help to identify invasive plant species and report them to the appropriate personnel.

How you benefit: You reap the physical and mental benefits of being in nature with your pals, while you help to make the world a better, greener place. You’ll feel good knowing you’re helping to improve plant and animal ecosystems while simultaneously developing leadership skills that will look great on your resume!

3. Walk dogs and socialize cats

Have you always wanted a pet? Maybe you already have one, but you have even more love to give! If you’re passionate about pets, you can nurture your love for your four-legged friends by volunteering at an animal organization.

How you benefit: If enjoying time with furry friends isn’t enough, know that spending quality time with animals can lower the stress hormone, cortisol, and increase levels of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin.

4. Volunteer at your former school

Relive yesteryear and connect to a younger version of yourself by volunteering at your former school. Is there a teacher from your past who you’d like to re-connect with? Ask to volunteer in their class!

How you benefit: You get to be mentored by someone you respect, and in turn, you get to mentor those younger than you. Plus, you’ll get to bring back memories of days when life — or at least school — was simpler. Not to mention, this volunteer experience can help with your admission requirements for school, especially if you want a degree or diploma in education.

5. Coach a sports team

Are you a sports enthusiast? If so, you can make a difference in a young person’s life by volunteering to coach a team at a school, community centre, or recreation centre.

How you benefit: You get to develop a new perspective on your sport while being a role model to the next generation. You can make a positive impact on someone’s life by teaching them skills and helping them to develop confidence in their abilities. Think about it, you get to be someone’s hero — or at the very least — a person of great influence!

6. Entertain sick kids or seniors with your music

Bet You Didn't Know THIS Was Counted Towards Your Community Hours

Have a flair for music? Bring joy to sick kids or less independent seniors by volunteering to perform music at a hospital or at a retirement home.

How you benefit: You get to do something you love while being a bright light in someone’s life as they experience hardship.

7. Help younger writers of marginalized communities find their voice

Fancy yourself a writer? Help teach writing skills to marginalized youth and help them improve their grades – or experience the power of speaking their truth.

How you benefit: You’ll become a better writer by teaching others, and you’ll get to witness game-changing moments in a person’s life.

8. Give the gift of reading by reading to others

If you love reading, you can use this pastime to help bring the love of reading to those who are temporarily or permanently unable to read.

How you benefit: You get to feel good by bringing joy to others and, as previously mentioned, you get to read and expand your horizons!

9. Volunteer to do office work for a charitable organization

Bet You Didn't Know THIS Was Counted Towards Your Community Hours

If you’re someone who finds paperwork rewarding, then consider volunteering your much-needed time and skills to a worthy organization.

How you benefit: You get to push papers to your heart’s content while helping an organization check off their to-do list. Also, you can network and gain relevant experience for a career in administration.

10. Volunteer for a community theatre group

Need an outlet for your dramatic personality or creative compulsions? Volunteer in a community theatre either on stage, or as part of the backstage crew.

How you benefit: You get to do something creative while meeting fun and interesting people. And who knows? Maybe this will be the beginning of a career in the arts!

11. Teach a dance or exercise class

Have a knack for movement or dance? Then use your community hours to teach a dance or exercise class in a community centre.

How you benefit: You’ll develop confidence as you teach others and build community — all while moving your body and releasing endorphins — those much sought after feel-good chemicals!

However you choose to volunteer your time, know that your actions will assist others, and provide you with meaningful experiences that will benefit you personally and professionally. Be sure to clock your hours – and don’t forget to apply to the Serenia Life $1,000 scholarship when you’re done. Happy Volunteering!

Bet You Didn't Know THIS Was Counted Towards Your Community Hours