5 Reasons Why Life Insurance for Children Is a Wise Choice


Purchasing life insurance for your little ones today is a solid plan for their tomorrow. Not to mention it’s a unique gift, and an easy and affordable way to help set kids up financially – plus, it shows you care. Read on for five reasons why life insurance is the gift that keeps on giving…

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1. It’s an affordable choice for you – and them.

Simply put, purchasing life insurance for a child typically costs less – and ensures they have coverage as an adult regardless of how their health might change. The best part? Payments remain the same throughout their lifetime.

2. As they grow, so does the value of their policy.

A participating whole life policy combines life insurance with a guaranteed tax-advantaged cash value1 (a.k.a., an “emergency fund”) and dividends2 (a.k.a., a return on your investment that also has the potential to result in significant growth). Now that’s value!

3. It’s one of the few products in life that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

With guaranteed payments, a guaranteed cash value, and a guaranteed death benefit, there really are no surprises when it comes to your child’s life insurance policy.

4. Young and healthy? It’s quick & easy to qualify.

Life insurance becomes more difficult to obtain the older we get due to age-related health diagnoses, high-risk occupations, or participation in hazardous activities or extreme sports. With that in mind, this is one purchase you don’t want to delay.

5. It’s a unique gift for their tomorrow.

Access to a cash value when they’re older means your children will have help when it comes to paying for their first car, tuition fees, a wedding, or a down payment on a home. We promise, they’ll thank you when they’re older.

Ready to start building a financial foundation that your children (or grandchildren) can lean on later in life? Get them their very first life insurance policy today!

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1 Cash value may be accessed by a withdrawal, policy loan, or surrender. Taxation may apply and a tax slip will be issued as appropriate.
2 Dividends are not guaranteed and will vary upward or downward based on investment return, mortality, lapses, expenses, and other scenarios.