5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!


For Life Insurance Awareness Month, we’re setting the record straight when it comes to some of the biggest life insurance myths out there. Just think of us as your friendly neighbourhood #MythBusters.

5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!

MYTH #1 – Life insurance isn’t something I need to think about until I’m older.

BUSTED: When it comes to life insurance, it’s actually the opposite. Sure, you may be young and healthy now… but that doesn’t mean that you’re invincible!  Plus, it’s generally easier and a LOT more affordable to purchase a policy at this stage of your life.

5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!

MYTH #2 – Life insurance companies don’t really care about Canadians like me.

BUSTED: When it comes to Serenia Life, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only do we share our profits through community outreach and direct donations, we offer a number of unique benefits that give our members the opportunity to support their family, their community, and the causes they care about.

5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!

MYTH #3 – Life insurance won’t cover my mortgage.

BUSTED: In fact, life insurance is a flexible – and in many ways preferable – alternative to traditional mortgage insurance. Not only can it help pay off your mortgage in the event of your untimely death, it can also be used as income replacement if your family relies on the money you earn to pay the bills or live the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!

MYTH #4 – Getting a life insurance policy for my child is a waste of money.

BUSTED: While it might seem strange to buy life insurance for your child, it is most certainly not a waste of money – it’s about setting your kids up (financially) for the future. That’s right, the right life insurance policy can give your children access to an ‘emergency fund’ when they need it… for post-secondary education, a first car, or a wedding. Plus, if you purchase a guaranteed insurability option, it gives them the freedom to increase their coverage later, without worrying about a health diagnosis or risky lifestyle choices. Which can mean SAVING big – the opposite of wasting money.

5 Life Insurance Myths, Busted!

MYTH #5 – Life insurance is a luxury I can’t afford.

BUSTED: First, let us ask you… Do you drink coffee every day? A latte or two, perhaps? If you like coffee as much as we do, that could quickly add up to $150-300 a month. The truth is, if you’re young and healthy, a life insurance policy may cost you way less than your daily coffee run does each month.

(Seriously, it can be as low as $12 a month for a female non-smoker in her 30s or just over $15 monthly for a male in the same age range.)

Here’s the truth: A latte a day shouldn’t keep your life insurance away. So why not contact us for a FREE Needs Analysis to find an affordable option for you? Get started today!