12 Days of Kindness


With the season of giving just around the corner, we’re sharing what we hope will become a holiday tradition here at Serenia Life Financial: The 12 Days of Kindness.

Beginning December 1st and running until the holidays, Serenia Life is taking part in a #KindnessChallenge to spread some holiday cheer. Employees will be nominated to perform a random act of kindness of their own choosing — no good deed is too small! — and will be snapping a photo of their kind act to share with you.

That’s right, we’ll be featuring our lovely staff in action across our social platforms! So be sure to follow us on your fave: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Examples of kind acts we’re encouraging:

– Open the door for someone
– Walk a neighbourhood dog
– Make dinner for friends or family
– Bake cookies for a neighbour / colleague
– Tell someone why you love them
– Pay a compliment to a friend / family member / colleague
– Smile at a stranger
– Buy a warm drink / food for a person living on the street
– Knit a scarf / mittens / socks for a homeless person
– Apply for an Action Team benefit
– Donate to your favourite charity
– Encourage your child / niece / nephew to donate an unused toy to a child in need
– Do somebody’s else chore(s)
– Rake an elderly neighbour’s leaves
– Shovel an elderly neighbour’s driveway
– Massage your partner / spouse’s feet
– Thank a colleague
– Reach out to an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while
– Send someone flowers
– Give someone a hug
– Visit your grandparent(s)
– Buy a coffee for a colleague
– Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru
– Reach out to a new mom or dad to see if they need help
– Tell a parent they’re doing a good job
– Let your kid’s teacher know you appreciate them
– Let education workers know you appreciate them
– Give your server a better tip than usual
– Buy a warm meal for a homeless person
– Donate clothes to a second-hand store
– Leave a (genuine!!) 5-star review online
– Or: come up with your own idea! 😊

Feeling inspired? Perform your own act of kindness, post it on your socials, and tag @SereniaLife with the following hash tags: #12DaysofKindness #KindnessChallenge #HumanKind