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Browse through our library of articles to gain a better understanding of life insurance in Canada. We make it easy to understand — and dare we say, fun? — with relevant, timely content for Canadians like you.

Recent Articles

From timely topics to the latest recommendations on estate planning, life insurance, and investments, read through our most recent articles to stay on top of it all.

Your Money

Did you know that some insurance policies could earn you dividends? Or that an ISA is the insurance version of a GIC? Learn more about smart investment options you won't find at the bank.

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Coping With Loss

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Your Guide to Insurance

Insurance can be complicated. That's why we're on a mission to make it easy with quick, digestible reads and words you can actually pronounce.

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Your Home

Whether you're renting, buying, or downsizing, life insurance has an invaluable role when it comes to protecting your home – and the people in it.

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Your Family

Getting married? New addition? The more people to love, the more life insurance matters. Find out how life insurance helps you protect the ones you hold most dear.

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Your Career

From your very first job, to that big promotion, to the day you retire, life insurance can be a key financial planning tool as you progress in your career.

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Your Health

No matter what your life stage or health status, the right lifestyle choices (and life insurance) can help you achieve wellness in all areas of life – from your physical health to your financial and mental well-being.

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Your Community

If you're looking for ways to spread kindness in your community, let us inspire you – with heartwarming stories, impactful ideas, and the financial support you need to take action.

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