Term to 100 Life Insurance

Think the only constant in life is change? Think again. With no increase in cost over your lifetime, and a guaranteed payment delivered to your loved ones, your Term to 100 policy will be there to protect your family when it’s time to say good-bye.

Why choose Serenia Life Financial for Term to 100 Life Insurance?

Our Term to 100 life insurance is a helpful estate planning tool that’s designed to cover final expenses, taxes, and even leave a little extra behind for your loved ones. With our Term to 100 policy, you can benefit from:

Cost-effective protection

Enjoy low-cost coverage that will stay with you for life

Guaranteed premiums

No need to worry about cost increases over your lifetime

Guaranteed death benefit

Feel confident knowing exactly how much your family will have for final expenses after you’re gone

Customized optional benefits*

Choose from a selection of benefits that have been optimized to meet the needs of Canadians like you

Unique member benefits

Support your family, your community, or a cause that you care about with our collection of unique member benefits

term to 100 life insurance

The right coverage for your needs

In addition to covering final expenses, such as your funeral or any taxes due on your death, Term to 100 also gives you the opportunity to lock in affordable coverage later in life – leaving your loved ones with a legacy, rather than debt.

Plus, with Term to 100, there are no surprises when it comes to your monthly premiums or the payment received upon your death. At the time of purchase, consider customizing your policy with one or more of our additional optional benefits. And be sure to review the Bereavement Counselling Benefit that is included with your plan.

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Additional optional benefits

When you purchase a Term to 100 Life insurance policy at Serenia Life Financial, you have the option to customize your plan with a number of optional benefits.

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*Optional benefits can be purchased separately with your policy.
term to 100 life insurance policy

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Life insurance matters

You don’t want to think about it. And once you get it, you don’t have to think about it again for a while. But for now, it’s worth getting informed.

Insure yourself today. Enrich your tomorrow.

Whether you want to take care of your future, your family, or your community, the first step is understanding how much life insurance you need.

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