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Did you know our roots go back nearly a century? That’s right, our heritage is rich and our traditions are lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may not have known this, but Serenia Life Financial is a Fraternal Benefits Society. And that’s why some of our members have the right to vote. Want to learn more about how to become a Voting Member? Keep reading…

First and foremost, a Fraternal Benefits Society is comprised of members that share a common bond. In addition to coming together to provide financial protection through our life insurance products, our shared values – and our continued desire to support local communities, families, and each other – has connected Serenia Life Financial to its members over the years.

As a Fraternal Benefits Society, our governance model provides eligible members the opportunity to have their voices heard via voting rights. Out of respect for our history, we’ve maintained this long-standing tradition, providing legacy members and those who meet the eligibility criteria with the right to vote on governance-related matters.

  1. Legacy members
  2. Members who attest to being at least 18 years of age, are the insured or annuitant under, or holder of, a policy issued by Serenia Life Financial, and who:
  • chose to be baptized or confirmed as a Christian in congregations which are affiliated with the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) or the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC); or
  • are practicing Christians in a congregation which is affiliated with the CCC or EFC; or
  • identify as Christian and declare their faith is consistent with beliefs of a CCC or EFC denomination; or
  • are members of a Christian organization in Canada.

If you currently have a life insurance policy or an annuity with Serenia Life Financial, and are a member that had voting rights prior to February 23, 2021, you are now considered a “legacy member.” All legacy members have voting rights.

You can vote on governance-related issues, such as:

  • Proposed changes to our Letters Patent
  • The appointment of new directors to the Board of Directors

First, make sure you are eligible by reviewing the answer to “Who is eligible to vote?” (above). If you meet the criteria and are not already a legacy member, simply fill out the short form below*, then hit submit. Once your eligibility has been verified, we’ll add you to our list of eligible voters.

*Prefer a paper form? Make a request through Member Services, and we’ll mail you a physical copy for you to fill out. Email: | Phone: 1.800.563.6237

Just ask! To find out if you’re eligible or to request a change to your current status, send an email to Member Services at or call 1.800.563.6237.

Become a Voting Member of Serenia Life Financial