Press Release - January 2023

Guaranteed Interest Annuities Available for Serenia Life Financial Advisors & Clients 

The Guaranteed Interest Annuity offers clients a customizable solution for their financial goals


As of January 9, 2023, all Serenia Life Financial advisors will now be able to offer clients the financial flexibility needed to reach their goals thanks to the newly revamped Guaranteed Interest Annuity (GIA).

GIAs are similar to Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), with the added protection of being offered by an insurance organization. A highly customizable solution, a GIA can fit the diverse goals and needs of Canadians across the country. Serenia Life Financial members can rest assured that their investment in a GIA is guaranteed, stable, and flexible.

“We want our advisors to feel confident when providing guidance to clients on where to invest their money,” says Duane Zappitelli, VP of Sales and Distribution of Serenia Life Financial. “GIAs eliminate the risk and uncertainty of investing, allowing people to focus on reaching their short- or long-term financial goals.”

Clients opening a GIA can decide whether their savings and investments are held in a non-registered account or in a registered account like a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). GIAs require a minimum $500 deposit, with an option for flexible contribution options in the future. This investment option also allows clients to choose between short- and long-term savings goals — ranging from as short as nine months to as long as five years.

“We continue to enhance the value we provide to advisors that partner with us,” says Matt Fishman, AVP, Broker Distribution & Inside Sales at Serenia Life Financial. “In 2022, we underwent a brand transformation, made significant improvements to our eApp and advisor site, enabled eSignatures on all platforms, and increased the dividend on our industry-leading juvenile 20-pay product by an average of 9%. I’m pleased to say that more enhancements, that will add even more value to the advisor experience, are coming in 2023!”

With the purchase of a GIA, a client becomes a Serenia Life member, giving them access to a growing collection of unique member benefits. These include Action Team funding to help with fundraising events, post-secondary scholarships, wills and power of attorney benefits, and much more.

Limited time offer! From January 9 to March 1, Serenia Life is running a GIA Bonus Rate promotion where clients can earn up to 4.65% on select terms. Learn more.