Press Release - October 2022


The transformation to Serenia Life Financial supports the organization’s goal of appealing to more Canadians while continuing to deliver great life insurance products and services.



WATERLOO, ON | OCTOBER 3, 2022 Today, FaithLife Financial, one of Canada’s few member-based insurance providers, is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand name, Serenia Life Financial. Under the Serenia Life Financial brand, the business will continue to offer great products and services, while promoting its core values and giving back. This brand transformation began in 2021, with a complete redesign of their suite of life insurance products, making coverage more accessible to more Canadians.

“We are evolving to address the calls for increased flexibility, support, and simple human kindness at a time when Canadians need it most,” says Glenn Hymers, President and CEO of Serenia Life Financial. “For nearly 100 years, we’ve been living these values – and that will remain an important focus for us. The biggest difference is that our new brand will appeal to an even larger group of values-based Canadians. We will continue to put our members first, and offer the same great products and services that we provided under our previous name.”

This rebrand to become Serenia Life Financial is an important next step, as the business continues to evolve, innovate, and expand their footprint in the Canadian market. Rebranding as Serenia Life Financial also comes with exciting changes for advisors, including a new advisor website and eApp. The new advisor website, known as Springboard, has a refreshed look and feel, featuring upgraded functionality while giving advisors what they need to run their business right at their fingertips. The eApp includes dynamic technology enhancements as well as a host of functionality upgrades that advisors have been asking for. These changes will make it even easier for Serenia Life Financial advisors to work with current and future clients.

Hymers adds, “During the pandemic, it became clear that Canadians’ priorities were changing. Kindness has become more important than ever – but it’s always been in the fabric of our organization. Our new brand represents the next stage in our journey as we welcome a more diverse group of Canadians who share our values, and continue to honour and celebrate our past. We’re feeling a lot like a 100-year old startup these days. We are very excited for this next chapter.”

Serenia Life Financial is on a mission to protect the financial well-being of its members, while inspiring them to give back. For more information, visit