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Welcome to Serenia Life Financial

At Serenia Life, we believe a business can be kind. And we’re on a mission to prove it. As we help you protect your financial future and the ones you love, you’ll see the difference kindness makes along the way – and not just from us.

Human. Kind.

Simple human kindness makes a difference in everyday life. That’s why Serenia Life strives to ensure the people in the communities we serve are touched by it.

As a member-based organization, we do this by sharing our profits through community outreach and unique member benefits that help our members support their family, their community, and the causes they care about.

Our vision for the future is to expand our membership by:

  • Clearly explaining our products and services.
  • Enhancing member experience and protecting member well-being.
  • Inspiring generosity to bring about positive change.

Insurance, uncomplicated

We make sure to clearly communicate our products, and how they protect people — human to human. How? By providing personalized guidance each step of the way.

With the goal of uncomplicating insurance, we continually work to improve our member experience — through new tools, products, or ways to connect with one of our friendly advisors.

Uncomplicating our products means our members make better financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Kindness as our compass

We’ve always been here to serve our members at every stage of their lives — by offering unique benefits and one-to-one guidance wrapped in kindness.

Understanding their needs, seeing their whole financial picture, and helping them achieve their goals is how we protect each member’s financial future.

We take care of our members so that they can take care of others. That’s why we’ve created unique individual benefits that support them, their families, and their communities.

Living generously

Our business is built on the idea that prosperity and generosity go hand in hand. Kindness begets kindness. That’s why we:

  • share our profits through member benefits and to the communities we serve.
  • support the causes our members care about through the creation of programs and tools that encourage them to give back.
  • empower our members to make a bigger impact on the world around us — through outreach programs, donations, and seed funding for volunteers.

At Serenia Life, we inspire generosity and simple human kindness.

We are Serenia Life Financial

Life insurance products and services wrapped in kindness – imagine that – so that you can feel confident your loved ones are protected for life.